50 Interesting Topics to Expose in Class and Works

As a student, you may find it difficult sometimes to come up with an interesting topic when assigned some writing task. It is true that teachers can assign you a topic to write about and that you can choose to write on it anyway, but if you are truly interested in writing, it is better to have the freedom of choosing a topic on your own.

Perhaps your teacher gave you the choice of a topic of your choice to present but you can’t choose which one is the best, or you simply don’t know what to talk about.

Topics to Expose in Class and Works

For this reason, We have selected 50 different topics to expose that may interest you and your audience.

Interesting Topics To Expose In Class

You can also use these topics if you want to discuss something specific with your friends. Debate is a way of learning about people’s different perspectives on a topic.

This activity can be enriching as long as it is conducted respectfully and in an uplifting manner.

1. Early Pregnancy.

Educating adolescents on this subject can prevent situations such as unwanted pregnancies. It is always important that young people have proper sex education.

2. Freedom Of Expression.

We live in a time where it seems that everything that is said is likely to offend someone else, and is therefore taken as hate speech, but is this true?

3. Environmental Pollution.

Environmental pollution has always been a topic that is discussed in schools and other educational institutions. The environment must be respected before it is too late and the damage becomes irreversible.

4. Mental Health.

Knowing about mental illness can help people recognize that they have a problem and motivate them to seek professional help.

5. Climate Change.

Human activities have caused a series of changes on the planet, seriously affecting the climate. Raising awareness of this problem is always a good idea.

6. Art.

Art encompasses a large number of themes within itself. From the movements produced in history, the different artistic representations, and the most recognized authors today.

8. Cultures Of The World.

In history and throughout the world there have been a large number of cultures. It is an extensive topic, but it can be divided according to the type of culture you choose.

9. History Of Music.

Music has been present in history since ancient times. Exposing to its evolution helps us to understand the different situations in which music was present.

10. Sports.

If you have a favorite sport don’t hesitate to talk about it. Sharing your taste for one or several sports can be interesting when presenting.

11. Human History.

Talking about the history and origin of the human being is a good topic to expose due to the different approaches in which it has been treated.

12. The Future.

Although talking about the past and our history is interesting, opening our minds and thinking about the future is even more so.

13. Animal Life.

Studying animal life and the way they survive and behave on the planet is very interesting.

14. The Solar System.

There are more planets in our solar system than just the earth. Each one with unique characteristics worthy of being explored and shared.

15. The Technology.

The different applications of technology and how they affect our daily lives may be the focus you give to this exhibition.

16. Social Networks.

Social networks have also become a large part of the relationships between people around the world. And although they allow us to expand our communication, they can also pose certain risks.

17. Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

It is necessary to educate the population about the different diseases that they can acquire if they do not commit to taking care of themselves while having sexual relations.

18. Bullying.

Bullying is a constant problem in schools and colleges. Stopping it is everyone’s task, and raising awareness about it is a good idea.

19. Drugs.

Drugs continue to be a problem in our society. Many people fall into this world and then find it hard to get out. Helping them and preventing others from falling may be the goal of this topic.

20. Eating Disorders.

There is a variety of eating disorders that you can talk about. There are people who, without realizing it, maybe immersed in one of these diseases. Reporting is vitally important.

21. Robotics.

As technology advances more and more, more machines do the work that humans used to do. This is a science that is increasingly in demand and is very attractive.

22. First Aid.

It is always good to have a basic knowledge of first aid. In the least expected circumstances, we can find ourselves in a life or death situation that we can solve with this knowledge.

23. Administration Of The Personal Economy.

Not many people know very well how to keep track of their finances. If you like this topic, you could offer tips that help your audience improve their money management.

24 Pandemics In History.

In ancient times, when there were no adequate sanitary measures or medicines like those of today, diseases spread quickly. Some of them almost decimated the population. Taking a look at those experiences can help us face the future in a wiser way.

25. Renewable Energies.

Finding new ways to produce energy is imperative for the care of the planet.
Influence of music on young people.
It is undeniable that music produces changes in us, but to what extent does it influence us?

26. Professions Of The Future.

With the passage of time, professions are changing, due to changing needs. What does the future of work hold for us?

27. Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Creating artificial intelligence is a topic that has been much debated lately. Should we entrust our technological advancement to a machine?

28. Literature For Young People.

There are many books with plots that can interest young people today, if you have a favorite you could recommend it.

29. Human Rights.

Compliance with human rights is an issue that can be debated. Are each and every one of them really respected in your country?

30. Genetic Engineering.

DNA manipulation is no longer fiction in our time, but is it ethical for us to control the next generations of humans?

31. The Origin Of The Universe.

There are many proposals that allude to the origin of the universe in which we live today. Exposing each of them can open new perspectives to people.

32. Geometry.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that is very useful for the general measurement of objects. If you are interested, you can share its different applications in the

33. Everyday Life.

Harnessing solar energy.
The sun expels in one second more energy than has been consumed in human history. One way or another this should be used to the fullest.

34. The Origin Of The Internet.

Almost everyone has used the internet, but they don’t really know where it originated. This knowledge is something that can be very informative and interesting.

35. Evolution Of Communication.

Each species has a way of communicating, we humans are the ones who have managed to evolve greatly. Every time we refine the way we do it, what do you think is the next step?

36. Photosynthesis.

even the way in which plants are able to transform the energy they receive to live is a good topic to explore.

37. Principles Of Photography.

We live in a society very interested in personal image. A few tips on how to take good photos would not hurt.

38. How The Heart Works.

We are full of processes and transformations that occur every second within us. The heart is one of them, and knowing the way it works is important.

39. Typical Dishes Of The World.

If you want to talk about food, what better way to do it than by exploring the different dishes that are enjoyed around the world.

40. Mount Everest.

The highest point on earth is a place full of interesting happenings. A very hostile place, and there are still people who dare to climb.

41. The Mariana Trenches.

Or maybe you want to venture into the deepest known part of the earth. Who knows what species of marine life await hidden in the darkness of the pits.

42. Fashion In History.

A good way to represent this theme is to make a timeline by placing each item of clothing according to the year it corresponds to.

43. Music: Classical Composers.

The history of classical music is full of magnificent composers. Choose your favorite and talk about his works.

44. Poetry.

This literary genre expresses beauty and feeling through the word. Like the previous topic, there are many writers, choose your favorite.

45. Recycling.

One of the ways we can take care of our planet is through recycling. Promoting this practice is very helpful.

46. ​​Forms Of Government.

An appropriate topic for a good exposition that could culminate in a debate about which form of government is the best.

47. Abortion.

Although it is very controversial, this topic can create a good debate as well. As long as every opinion is treated with respect.

48. Effects Of Tobacco.

At least 4 million people die each year from tobacco. It is important to call attention to this and prevent these deaths.

49. Animal Abuse.

There are laws that criminalize animal abuse, but where do you draw the line between killing an insect and doing the same to a cow?

50. The History Of Memes.

As funny as it sounds, even memes have an origin and a story. It is a good topic to discuss that is sure to have the audience hooked.

These are the 50 Interesting Topics to Expose in Class and Works.


Okay, so I’m not really a fan of over-planning. But I do like to be prepared and to know topics that I can cover pretty quickly if I’m ever stuck for ideas. So that’s why I wanted to share this list of 50 interesting topics to expose in class and works. I think these would be really useful to have on hand – especially since a lot of them may require very little preparation. Let me know what you think, and if you try any of these out! Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information.

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