How to Play PS2 Games on PC or Laptop Right Now within 5 Minutes?

How to play PS2 games on Pc: Nowadays everyone is interested in play games. Irrespective of gender and age people play games. People are playing regular pc games and get bored, so you can also play ps2 games on pc. So today I am here to explain “How to play Sony Play Station 2 games on your Pc or Laptops”.

We can play ps2 games on pc using the free software called PCSX2. Now you had a doubt about How to play ps2 games on pc. Don’t worry follow the below process, you will have a clear idea of how to play ps2 games on a laptop and personal computer easily.


How to play PS2 games on Pc

PCSX2 is an Emulator which is used to play Playstation2 games on pc. If we play on PlayStation we need some accessories. Every Ps2 Lovers wants to play PlayStation games on PlayStation only. The Required Accessories are

You can buy these accessories for a cheap price. So this way you can play ps2 on pc.
Like Bluestack – which is used to Download and play Android Games on pc.

Just follow the below produce to play ps2 games easily on pc and laptop, then all your doubts like

  • Can I play ps2 games on pc
  • How can we play ps2 games on pc / Laptop… So on.

All these doubts will be cleared when you are in the process. Just follow the below

Features Of Using PCSX2 Software For Playing Ps2 Games:

The pcsx2 has a few excellent features to play the ps2 games without any issues. Below are the features of the pcsx2

  • It comes with the best Preset to run on any pc.
  • PCSX2 has some awesome prebuild or preinstalled Bios and Plugins to make play more exciting.
  • Fastest Installation along with a lightweight application.
  • All the controllers are preset.
  • The USB Connection works like charm.

There are many more awesome features that you can experience while playing the game for sure.

How To Play Playstation Games On PC Without Disc:

The below Step by step process to play PlayStation 2 games on pc. Follow the below step and have a successful play of ps2 on your PC.
  • First of all, You need to download the PCSX2 emulator on your pc or laptop. Click the download button to download the software.
  • After downloading, and installing the software, then a screen will appear as below.

Play Playstation Games On PC Without Disc

  • Now you should download Bios for the Emulator.
  • Now Go to ..>>Documents..>>PCSX2.
  • Then Rename PCSX2 to PCSX2 0.9.8 (Something your wish, I am using 0.9.8 because of software version)

Playing Ps2 Games

  • Create a Folder with “PCSX2” in My Documents.
  • Move the Bios files which you have downloaded to the PCSX2 folder. Store the pcsx2 files in the same folder.
  • Now Move the PCSX2 folder to PCSX2 0.9.8 (Which you have created earlier)

Play Playstation games now

  • Start the program, You will find the program like this, Now select as given down
    • GS-Gsdx 4600
    • PAD(configuration of keyboard or joystick)-lilypad svn
    • SPU2(sound)-spu2-x r4600m
    • CDVD(How you gonna run the game)-Linuz iso cdvd
    • USB-usb null driver 0.7.0
    • FW-fwnull driver 0.7.0
    • DEV9-dev9 null driver 0.5.0

ps2 games on pc

  • Choose the plugins as your system requirements.
  • Now select the Bios path.
  • After selecting the path, Click on finish. Now you will see the Starting window of PCSX2.
  • You can also change the Bios and Plugins by clicking config>plugin/bios. Now you can change.

Guide In Order To Start The Game In Pc

1) You will need an ISO image file of the Game which you want to play. You may download it from the Internet.

2) Now in the PCSX2 emulator go to ..>>Menu..>>CDVD..>>ISO Selector. Now select the game ISO file from your Hard Drive by clicking on Browse. The below Screen clearly follows like that.


3) Next, Go to ..>>Menu..>>System..>>Boot DVD

ps2 games on computer

4) Now the game will start in the new window. Enjoy playing.

Configuring Keyboard Settings Or Setting Controls

Before going to play the game you need to set your control settings. Controller Settings are already set for USB GamePad. Therefore you don’t need to set it again but if you want your own control then change the controls by going to ..>>Menu..>>Config..>>Controllers(Pad)..>>Plugin Settings.


Then a below window appears, then change as your wish.

configuring controls for ps2

That’s it you have Done.

How To Play PS2 Games On PC With Disc?

As I have explained the process to play ps2 games without Disc, Now here you can know how to play ps2 games on pc with a disc. So simply follow the below process if you wanna play with a disc.

  • Insert the CDVD of the game.
  • Now just click on CDVD>>>ISO selector>>>Browse>>>ISO file of the game.
  • Now click on system >>> Boot CDVD.

That’s it!! This is the process to play ps2 games on pc or laptop with Disc.

So these two processes can help you to play ps2 games on pc without any problem. If there is an issue with the PlayStation games like ps2 getting struck or ps4 controller not charging then you can simply solve the issues with the ps controller and then start using these methods. Just follow and complete playing games on pc. Feel free to ask your doubts.


So this is the completed guide to “How to Play PS2 Games on Pc”. So follow the steps properly and get successful in playing the game on your Laptop. Meanwhile, Share the post with your friends. Feel free to ask your doubt. We are here to clear your doubts. Like Us on Facebook. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more Awesome tutorials.

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