Candy Crush Saga Hack: Unlimited Lives, Boosters and Moves

Candy Crush Saga For Android Phones With Unlimited Lives And Moves: Candy Crush Saga is the most trending game in the present scenario of Android phones(Smartphones). This is the game that is a more addictive overall format of ages like child, Young, and Old without any difference in Genders. This Candy Crush Saga Hack method will have all the tricks which help you to play the game well. I think you are searching for getting more lives and moves in every level which you play, then you are at the right place.

The chapters which we are going to discuss here are as follows

  • Basics of the Candy Crush Saga,
  • Developers of the Game,
  • Ratings of the Candy Crush Saga Game,
  • Hints and Developers Hints,
  • Step-by-Simple steps for Unlimted Lives, Moves, and Booster Trick for Android Devices.
  • Steps to get unlimited Moves, Lives, and Boosters on Facebook(Pc).

I have made everything in one article because people who are new to candy crush saga games need this info. So if you are an old player and know the above things then you can skip the topics and go to the download section.

Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Lives

In this trick, we are not only sharing unlimited lives, but we are also sharing unlimited powers like Unlimited Boosters, Unlimited Moves, etc.

Now let us know how to get unlimited lives, boosters & moves in the candy crush saga game for Android Mobiles and also pc while playing on Facebook.

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Basics Of Candy Crush Saga Game

Well, Everyone knows how to play the candy crush saga game on their android device and Laptops(pc). Let’s discuss a little bit about it in a short manner. The gameplay basically consists of switching the adjacent candies from columns and rows. We should match three candies of the same color to crush them and clear the board.

Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk

They will be some special combinations that will make your gameplay very easy. Here is the screenshot which shows the best combinations in the game. Observe them clearly and use them in the game.

Developers Of The Candy Crush Saga Game

Candy Crush Saga Game is Developed by King Company. The game is released on April 12, 2012. The games have won some awards too. There are also similar games released by King Company.
They are as follows:
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga
  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga
  • Pepper Panic Saga

These games have a good ratings and also had millions of users.

Ratings Of The Game

The Game has some awesome ratings as we know it has millions of Users.
  • Google Play —————  4.3/5
  • iOS Store      ————–   4.6/5
  • ———–  5/5

So here I’m going to provide some hints and developer hints for those people who don’t want to play the game by cheats or hacks. Some people love to play the game with cheats and some without cheats.

People who love to play without candy crush saga cheats then the below hints are for you.

Features Of Candy Crush Saga Hacks

You will get some best features for your candy crush game by using the below process. The features are as below
  • Candy Crush Infinite Lives
  • Candy Crush Infinite Moves
  • Unlimited lollipop hammer.
  • Every additional booster was applied.
  • Free Candy Crush Boosters.
  • Cheats codes of Candy Crush
  • Unlimited wrapped & striped booster.
  • Unlimited coconut wheel.
You can enjoy an unlimited life candy crush saga game on your desktop or mobile for free.

Hints for Players without Cheats

  1. Crush the candies on the bottom because when we crush from the bottom the candies drop down and there might be some chances of a cascade effect that will make you a free life.
  2. Crushing the Candies from the bottom is better than crushing them on the top.
  3. While playing only worried about the edges because it is tough to crush the edge candy. If it is unable to crush then use the Lollipop Hammer to crush it.
  4. Always keep in mind to create the best combinations out of the candies because the combinations can make your gameplay easy and simple.
  5. If you want to get a high score with full starts rating then you have to match four or five candies to get that score simply.
  6. Combine Special Candies for screen-clearing effects. That will be more useful.
  7. Forever level there will be some amount of moves given to you to complete that level. The moves will be displayed on the bottom keep them in mind and play the game. You must reach a certain number of points to clear the stage or level. But there is a way to get more turns in the candy crush saga game.
  8. You can increase the lives from Five(5) to Eight(8) when you buy the Charms Package. The charm of Life($16.99)
  9. Utilize the Power of Boosters.
  10. You can even buy the lives for $0.99.

Developers’ Hints for Players without Cheats

  1. Match five candies of the same color in a row and create a Color Bomb. Combining a color bomb with any candy will clear all the candies of the same color.
  2. At the end of the level if any moves still remain or any special candy remains. Then you get a bump in score because you performed well at that level.
  3. Every 30 minutes a new life will be added to the account. Even there was a trick below to get unlimited lives simply.
  4. You can play the complete game without an internet connection. Also without connecting to Facebook.
  5. Charms are permanent. I mean they will live long forever but buying it might cost you high. Don’t worry you can use the below trick to get it done without any money.
  6. Boosters are the best items to pick us out of a tricky level. Boosters are cheaper in cost than charms.

Steps-By-Simple Steps To Get Unlimited Live, Boosters And Moves Using Candy Crush Saga Cheats:

This is so simple to have unlimited lives in candy crush with this candy crush cheat apk. Read the below instructions carefully and start the process.

Note: If you want to use the trick, then you should start from the first level. Even though you are at the 250th level or 459 level. So be sure before using this trick. If you want to play without any cheats then check the above hints to clear any hard levels.

Now let’s start the procedure:

  • First, uninstall the Candy Crush game on your Android Phone or Android Device.
  • Now install the Candy Crush Saga game APK file on your Android device, but not from the Google play store.
  • You can download the apk file from Here.
  • Now Click on the Downloaded file, then the installation process will be started.
  • If you are getting an error while installing, then you have to tap on the Settings option shown in the pop-up box which appears on the installation process ..>> scroll down to find the Unknown Sources option and tap on it ..>> then Now tap on OK in the pop-up box warning which will appear which the installation.
  • Now you should install the application again.
  • After the installation has been completed. You can see the Candy Crush Saga icon on the Android Phone Screen.
  • Tap on the icon and now you will have to start all over again from the first level but you will see that you have unlimited or 99999 lives and also have unlimited boosters which you can use any number of times.
  • That’s it you have done with full unlimited lives and boosters.

Steps To Get Unlimited Moves, Lives, And Boosters On Facebook(Pc):

In the above, we have shared the trick to get unlimited lives, moves, and boosters for android devices. Now we would discuss in getting for pc/laptop.
They are two methods to get it done.

Normal Method

This trick is an awesome trick that I love to do every time when I play candy crush on Facebook. When you are playing on Facebook and only one life left in the account then you should open the candy crush game in a new tab without closing the previous tab. So now you have 2 tabs open. Now play the game in the first tab and when you lose your last life in the first tab, you will still have another life on the second tab. So you can play. That’s the simple trick that I love to use it. Even you can do these tricks when you have 3 or more lives. {Keep in mind this method is only for lives}

Firefox Method

This method is also an awesome method and I used it regularly. So follow the step carefully:
  • In order to have unlimited lives, boosters and moves we need to install an extension for our Firefox browser from the below link
  • Download the extension from here.
  • After the completion of downloading. Install the extension.
  • Click on the extension and enable it.
  • Now open the Facebook account and start playing the candy crush game. You can notice that they will be 99 lives, 99 boosters, and 99 moves in every level.


  • That’s it. Enjoy playing the game.

For some reason, the game may stop working. Don’t worry simply uninstall the extension and clear the cache of the browser. Now repeat the same process as above and play safely. As a result, You can enjoy playing the game unlimited times without any limit.

Enjoy the game by playing with unlimited lives, moves, and Boosters on your Android Device as well as on Facebook. Candy Crush Cheats for Android Apk is booming in the present search trends.


Finally, You have learned “How to Get Unlimited Lives, Booster, and Moves in Candy Crush Saga on Android Devices and on Facebook using candy crush saga cheats“. Now you should don’t have doubt about how to hack the candy crush saga again. So feel free to ask doubts on this topic. We will clear all your doubts.
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