9 Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail for Free

It is important to remind you that we should not use these Temporary 10 Minute Mail services for the exchange of sensitive information such as registrations on legitimate websites of our Bank, videogame pages, or any online shopping site where we will provide our real information.

Best alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

To use these 10-minute mail services it is not necessary to enter a password (as in our main email account). We just have to choose the name of the email we want and in some services also the domain (of those available on the site). In this article, we are providing a list of alternatives to 10 minute mail as free temporary email sites to register on countless sites and avoid spam.

Best Alternatives To 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail is a type of service that can be very useful when you have to provide an email address and you do not want to use your real address. Then we can generators of temporary emails from 10 Minute Mail.

These sites like 10 minute mail services create email accounts without registration, without a password, and in some cases disappear when you close the browser page. They are perfect to avoid using your personal address. The List of Alternatives for 10 Minute Mails is as follows:

  • Guerrilla Email
  • ThrowAwayMail
  • YOPMail
  • Temp Mail
  • MailDrop
  • Mailinator
  • Fake Mail Generator
  • Mail for Spam
  • TrashMail

So these are the best 9 alternatives for 10 minute mail which you can use when you need. Just check all the alternatives and enjoy using them.

The reasons to use a temporary email address are several: a website that asks you for an email to send a download link, an online store where you will not buy more but need an email for registration, a service that you’re only going to try it once and where you have to put an email …

Whatever your reason, a 10 minute email address can get you out of more than one haste without compromising the privacy and security of your real email. Just keep in mind, though, that these addresses are not usually protected by a password so that anyone with the address can see the messages – as long as they exist. Check these best alternatives to 10 minute mail right now.

Guerrilla Email

Guerrilla Email is a temporary email service that is the best 10 minute mail alternative, keeping email addresses created permanently, with no expiration date. Yes, the messages you receive in it disappear after an hour, whether you have read them or not. The email address can be customized by choosing both the name and the domain (the latter from a selection of ten domains or even using your own.

10 minute mail alternative

Other tools included in the platform allow for encrypting the identifier of the email as well as filtering spam messages. It is also one of the few services of its kind that allows you to send messages – not just receive them.

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ThrowAwayMail is one of the best alternatives to 10 minute mail. This ThrowAwayMail is the simplest example of this type of service. A temporary email is generated automatically when you open the page in the browser. You can start receiving messages from that moment and which are displayed on the main page.

Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives

Both the address and the messages you receive in it vanish when you close the browser or turn off the computer. And if you revisit the page, a new address will be generated without further complications. Simply, the perfect definition of a temporary email.

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Yopmail does not generate the email address at random but asks you to create it yourself. Like other services on this list, it never removes the addresses created but it does erase the messages received in them. In this case, eight days after receipt.

Custom Temporary Mails

Yopmail has anti-spam filters and although it does not allow sending messages from your temporary mailboxes. It does allow you to send them to other emails from the same service (@ yopmail.com).

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Temp Mail

Temp Mail is another temporary email service with a very simple design and use. It is the perfect replacement for 10 minute mail without any issues or problems. You only have to enter your website to automatically generate a new temporary email address (which can not be modified ) and use it to receive the messages you are waiting for.

Secure Temporary 10 minute mails

The generated email addresses are permanent. In the sense that they are not deleted by themselves. Although you can do it manually by clicking on the “delete” button, in the left sidebar.

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MailDrop offers an open source temporary email platform to which you can contribute to your project in GitHub. It offers an intuitive and pleasant design. It also allows you to choose the address and includes anti-spam filters.

10 Minute Mail with Passwords

On the other hand, the service has some limitations like the emails that you receive at the address that you have created can not weigh more than 100kb, nor carry attachments. Each temporary mailbox can save a maximum of 10 messages at a time and if a mailbox does not receive messages in 24 hours, it is automatically deleted.

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The operation of Mailinator is a little different from the rest of the services. Instead of asking you to generate a temporary address or do it automatically upon entering the web. Mailinator creates the address as soon as a message arrives at it.

10 minute mail generator

For example, if you sign up for an online service and use the address “juanito@mailinator.com”. The web will create this address if it does not already exist. Then you can go directly to Mailinator to check your email. It will be waiting for you right there and it will be deleted after a few hours. The addresses, on the other hand, remain intact.

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Fake Mail Generator

It is a free service where we can choose the name of the mail that we want. In addition to being able to choose any of the domains offered by the page and in order to avoid its blocking.

Mail For Spam 10 minute mail


The created accounts are deleted after 24 hours of inactivity. The tray is public, so any user can access our messages if they access the same account that we chose.

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Mail For Spam

Mail for Spam is a mail service in which we choose the name of our account. Which will be of the type: name@mailforspam.com. The mailboxes are public, so anyone can access our messages. The site also has the option to remove all messages from the tray at the click of a mouse.

10 minutemail Alternatives

There is no specific period of time to keep the emails stored. Which may last a few hours or even months. Of course, the oldest emails are deleted automatically.

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With TrashMail it is possible to create a disposable email address with the name you want and with one of the 11 available domains. To use TrashMail it is necessary to register first with our Personal Email by clicking on the “New User” tab. Once registered, we must enter our registration email to create a temporary email account.

Sites like 10 minute mails

We can choose the lifetime of our disposable mail which can be days, weeks, months, or even unlimited time. However, with so many options and registration required its use can be a bit complicated.

It also offers an annual payment option in which there are no ads, no time limit for accounts, up to 2,500 email addresses, and even the possibility of sending emails from the web itself.

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These 9 Customized Temporary Mail are the best alternatives to 10 minute mail. Just choose a different domain and even add subdomains. All this is in order to avoid the banning of the domains in the different sites where we must necessarily enter an email address.

And you, what are free Temporary Mail services you use?


Hence, You have checked the best alternatives to 10 minute mail and use the temporary emails as many as you want. I hope you have got answers to all your questions regarding the top 10 minute mail alternatives. You can check the complete list and enjoy the best one which you love. Like and share the article with social media network friends. Stay tuned to Basictricks for More Awesome Guides.

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